7. Max Q – Ana Uribe Law

Our guest this month is Ana Uribe Law (MM ’21), a musicologist and violinist. After receiving her Master’s degree in Musicology from Peabody, Ana is now pursuing her PhD at Florida State University. She also holds an MBA in Arts Innovation from the Global Leaders Institute.

Ana is a passionate advocate for greater representation of popular music genres within academia. Her research centers on contemporary Latin American genres, with a particular emphasis on the impact and influence of reggaeton in the United States. In addition to her scholarly work, Ana has prepared and indexed several renowned 20th century Latin American music journals, and served as a research and digitization assistant at RIPM (Le Répertoire international de la presse musicale).

Website: www.anaspul.com
Youtube: @anaspul

Recorded March 11, 2024.

Season 4 music by Soo Hyun Bahn. Audio editing by Greg Hays. Logo by MegDig Design.

10. Max Q – Shannon Fitzhenry

Violinist Shannon Fitzhenry (BM ’18) maintains a busy schedule subbing with the BSO, performing gigs and chamber concerts with other Peabody alumni, and serves as concertmaster for the El Paso Symphony Orchestra. In this episode, she joins Robin McGinness to discuss how she built her current portfolio career, the unique challenges of finding orchestral work, and how to think strategically as an aspiring orchestral performer. 

Follow Shannon on Instagram: @shannon.fitzhenry.violinist

Recorded August 20, 2021.

2021 Intro music by Dmytro Nebesh. Audio editing by Greg Hays. Logo by MegDig Design.