Bonus: Max Q – Michael Repper

We’re reposting an episode from our archives to celebrate alum conductor Michael Repper (DMA ’22). Michael’s recent recording with the New York Youth Symphony received a Grammy Award for Best Orchestral Performance, the first time a youth orchestra has received this award. In these interview clips, we discuss Michael’s perspective on networking, managing your time as a freelancer, and the wisdom found in Disney movies.

Find out more about Michael and his current projects:
Instagram: @mikerepper
Twitter: @mikerepper

Stream Works by Florence Price, Valerie Coleman, Jessie Montgomery Performed by the New York Youth Symphony,  Michael Repper, and Michelle Cann

2022 Intro music by Aaron Gao. Audio editing by Greg Hays. Logo by MegDig Design.

Interview Recorded Jan. 24, 2019

3. Max Q – Lily Josefsberg

In this episode of Max Q, Christina Manceor speaks with Lily Josefsberg (GPD 18’). After extensive freelancing experience at orchestras around the U.S., she was appointed piccolo with the San Diego Symphony in May 2022. The discussion covers life for orchestral musicians, ways to navigate the audition process, and how Lily’s experience in school impacted where she is today. 

Instagram: @Bach2baking

The episode closes with a clip of Lily playing the 3rd movement of Mike Mower‘s sonata for Piccolo and Piano.

Recorded Nov. 11, 2022

2022 Intro music by Aaron Gao. Audio editing by Greg Hays. Logo by MegDig Design.

10. Max Q – Shannon Fitzhenry

Violinist Shannon Fitzhenry (BM ’18) maintains a busy schedule subbing with the BSO, performing gigs and chamber concerts with other Peabody alumni, and serves as concertmaster for the El Paso Symphony Orchestra. In this episode, she joins Robin McGinness to discuss how she built her current portfolio career, the unique challenges of finding orchestral work, and how to think strategically as an aspiring orchestral performer. 

Follow Shannon on Instagram: @shannon.fitzhenry.violinist

Recorded August 20, 2021.

2021 Intro music by Dmytro Nebesh. Audio editing by Greg Hays. Logo by MegDig Design.