3. Max Q – Allen Branch

Max Q this week features drummer, educator, and composer Allen Branch. (BM ’22 Jazz Percussion) A multi-instrumental jazz performer, Allen (also known as Aldo) has played at international venues, including Carnegie Hall and the Berlin Music Hall. More recently, Allen has moved into education and is currently serving as the Dorothy Clayborne Teaching Fellow at the Bryn Mawr School.

Website: https://aldobmusic.com/
Instagram: @aldobmusic

Allen’s recommendations:
48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene

Closing out the episode we have a clip of Allen’s original composition, “Baby Done Changed” from his album 27 Love


7. Max Q – Passepartout Duo

Christina Manceor speaks with percussionist Chris Salvito (Peabody MM ’16) and pianist Nicoletta Favari of Passepartout Duo. Making music that escapes categorization, the duo’s travel around the world informs the multi-disciplinary collaborations, instrumental compositions, and evocative music videos that constitute their work. The conversation centers on how artistic residencies have been foundational for the duo, the path from graduation and traditional instruments to their current work with portable ones, and the economics of a small, mobile ensemble. Currently, they are in Iceland working with composer Hafdís Bjarnadóttir on a project called Sheep Music, where they will be performing for sheep throughout Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Passepartout Instagram
Passepartout Facebook
Daylighting on Bandcamp

Recorded May 12, 2021.

2021 Intro music by Dmytro Nebesh. Audio editing by Greg Hays. Logo by MegDig Design.

Bonus: Max Q – Sandbox Percussion

In this special release, Christina Manceor speaks with Victor Caccese (BM ‘11) and Terry Sweeney (BM ‘13), two members of Sandbox Percussion, a quartet with a focus on creating performances and collaborations that are both visually and aurally impactful for a variety of audiences. We discuss how the group’s priorities have evolved over the years, how they have continued to move forward during the pandemic through recording and livestreaming projects, and the importance of placing business responsibilities in the context of your artistic work to stay motivated and inspired.

Learn more about Sandbox on their Website, YouTube, and Patreon.

Outro music is from David Crowell’s Music for Percussion Quartet off Sandbox’s new album AND THAT ONE TOO.

2021 Intro music by Dmytro Nebesh. Audio editing by Greg Hays. Logo by MegDig Design.

Interview recorded Jan. 21, 2021.