4. Max Q – Marie Herrington

This time on Max Q we are speaking with Marie Herrington (BM ’20, Vocal Performance). A versatile artist, Marie’s repertoire extends from sound installations, as seen with the Alluvium Ensemble at the New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center, to her role as a featured composer at San Francisco’s SongFest. We discuss how she got into Chruch music, finding support for your creative endeavors, and the importance of enthusiasm. Currently, she is the Music Director at Govans Presbyterian Church in Baltimore. Additionally, she is an active leader and collaborator in regional musical ensembles.

Website: www.marieherringtonmusic.com
Instagram: @jsbachdafachup

Closing out the episode we have a clip of Marie’s “A Dream” for voice and loop station.

Recorded January 9, 2024.

Season 4 music by Soo Hyun Bahn. Audio editing by Greg Hays. Logo by MegDig Design.

8. Max Q – Dmytro Nebesh

This episode we’re interviewing Dmytro Nebesh, who graduated from Peabody with degree in Music for New Media in 2022. Dmytro currently works as a sound designer for Firaxis Games and as a freelance composer. In the interview, we explore how Dmytro’s experiences during school led to his sound design role, connecting and collaborating on professional work, and balancing creative projects and other personal priorities with a full-time job. 

Website: https://dmytronebesh.com/
Instagram: @dmytro_nebesh
YouTube: @dmytronebesh6939
Twitter: @Dadmyt

You might notice our intro music is different this episode. Dmytro composed the theme music for the first season of Max Q, and we’ve brought it back as a special feature for this episode. 

Recorded Mar. 1, 2023

Audio editing by Greg Hays. Logo by MegDig Design.

4. Max Q – Bobby Ge

This episode of Max Q features Bobby Ge (MM ’20, Composition), a Chinese-American composer, pianist, and educator. Since graduating from Peabody, Bobby has collaborated on several multimedia projects, won composer residencies and competitions, and had works performed and commissioned by a variety of different orchestral and chamber ensembles. Christina Manceor speaks with him about building collaborative relationships, how artist residencies work, and the importance of grants in supporting his goals. Currently, Bobby is pursuing his Ph.D. in composition as a Naumberg Fellow at Princeton University.

Website: www.bobbygemusic.com
Instagram: @bobbycge

At the end of the episode, you can hear a clip of Variations for the Worlds Below” from The Ocean’s Cry, a visual album created by the composers’ collective Consonance in collaboration with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. This piece was written for and performed by a trio of musicians from Peabody – Robert Brown (BM ’22)  on sax, Ben Giroux (BM ’21) on percussion, and Sherry Du (MM ’19) on piano. The album is available on all streaming platforms

Recorded Nov. 28, 2022

2022 Intro music by Aaron Gao. Audio editing by Greg Hays. Logo by MegDig Design.

1. Max Q – Arindam Jurakhan

Welcome to season three of Max Q! Episode one features composer, instrumentalist, rapper, and producer Arindam Jurakhan (MM ’21). After releasing his first album FLINCH during his final year at Peabody, Arindam is currently pursuing his DMA in composition at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music. We discuss differences between producing live and recorded music, differences in networking across different fields, and how to publicize your recordings.

Music and Book Recommendations:

  • It’s Almost Dry – Pusha T
  • Gemini Rights – Steve Lacy
  • Sculpting in Time – Andrei Tarkovsky

Website: https://jurakhan.com
Instagram: @Jurakhan.Music
Twitter: @Jurakhan_Music

Episode closes with a clip of Persona feat. Mingjia

Recorded Aug. 10, 2022

2022 Intro music by Aaron Gao. Audio editing by Greg Hays. Logo by MegDig Design.

14. Max Q – Bergamot Quartet

Robin is joined by alumni ensemble Bergamot Quartet (Ledah Finck MM ‘18, Sarah Thomas MM ‘19, Amy Tan MM ‘19, Irene Han MM ‘18). With the imminent release of their debut album In the Brink, we discuss how Bergamot has found success building opportunities to give workshops, opening doors for performances and collaborations, and crowdfunding their new CD.

More info about In the Brink
Upcoming Performances
Instagram: @bergamotquartet
Facebook: /bergamotquartet
YouTube: Bergamot Quartet

Recorded Mar. 10, 2022

2021 Intro music by Dmytro Nebesh. Audio editing by Greg Hays. Logo by MegDig Design.