4. Max Q – Allison Clendaniel & James Young

In this episode, Christina Manceor speaks with Allison Clendaniel (BM 2014) and James Young (DMA 2012). Just to name a few facets of their diverse work, Allison and James are performers, composers, and performing arts presenters based in Baltimore. Alongside their colleague Jason Charney, they co-founded Mind on Fire, a cooperative of highly trained musicians whose goal is to eliminate barriers in classical and contemporary music. On the podcast, we discuss the challenges of balancing freelance work as creative artists, why it’s important to look at success as a process, and how their work with Mind on Fire has evolved over the years.

Allison’s website: www.allisonisonline.com
James’ website: www.jamesdavidyoung.com
Mind on Fire website: www.mindonfire.org

Upcoming Mind on Fire Virtual Variety Show, feat. Bashi Rose, Natalie Draper, and Orlando Johnson
April 21, 8pm – www.twitch.tv/mofbaltimore

Recorded Feb. 25, 2021

2021 Intro music by Dmytro Nebesh. Audio editing by Greg Hays. Logo by MegDig Design.