11. Max Q – Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas (MM ’19) joins Christina Manceor in this episode to share her journey as a violinist, chamber musician, and teacher. We explore how her work with Bergamot Quartet has evolved since graduation, what it’s like to teach virtual lessons during the pandemic, and how new and unexpected experiences can be surprisingly influential in both artistic and other professional work. Since Sarah is currently pursuing a Professional Studies Diploma at Mannes School of Music along with her chamber group, the Bergamot Quartet, we also discuss ways to balance work, school, and basic life needs while taking classes full time – and how these different perspectives inform each other.

MATA Jr. Festival, featuring Bergamot Quartet
MATA Jr. Concert Video

Intro music by Vincent Fasano. Audio editing by Greg Hays. Logo by MegDig Design.

Interview recorded Sept. 30, 2020