Promo: Max Q – Season 1

Max Q is an interview podcast for anyone interested in, or currently pursuing careers in the performing arts.    

Max Q is a term for the most stressful part of a rocket’s ascent. We focus on a similar, often difficult time for new alumni – the initial period of time following graduation. Our podcast features recent Peabody graduates discussing the challenges they have faced since completing their studies, their different jobs, what they have since learned, and how their education has impacted their lives as working professionals. Each episode will be hosted by a member of the Peabody LAUNCHPad staff – Dr. Zane Forshee, Christina Manceor, and Robin McGinness 

Part of LAUNCHPad’s mission is to help students and alumni forge satisfying and successful careers. We’re excited to share these conversations about pathways to building varied, vibrant, and sustainable lives in the arts.   

Check out our website to learn more about Peabody Institute of JHU and the LAUNCHPad office 

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